Edgy Elegance in TriBeCa

Liliya joined me on a walk around TriBeCa to explore some cool cobblestone alleys and streets, and then on to check out the waterfront in a flowing dress. This was a slightly spontaneous shoot, as we raced around the neighborhood dodging tourists and construction workers, and even a big chunky doggo who just had to join in on the fun.

After feeling some location burnout, we walked around to find our next backdrop to grab a few more shots before transitioning from edge to elegance.

Blooming Like A Flower By The Sea

Well, you can’t really enjoy the ocean or true “water” in the same refreshing ways on proper coast line, but you get what you get in NYC, so we grabbed some refreshing shots in this floral dress to cool off in the breeze.

After completing our trek, it was time for a nap… and then we headed back to the subway to be on our merry way.

Model: Liliya
Agency: EMG Models

Look at that little guy

Editor-In-Chief, Photographer & Video Editor

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