Free ride on the Subway

Nina met up to explore the NYC subway and start this ongoing series. While our journey wasn’t ideal due to the abundance of people riding during off hours (probably because of the warm and sunny day!) we had to tackle some challenges to make things work out, jump in and out of cars and look for ideal spots without people, but we made it work.

She styled this awesome selection of looks – we went with this cut-off sweatshirt for the ultimate color combo paired with old the older subway cars.

Reverse Commute in Reverse

At this point we had already reached the end of the line and turned back to our starting point to see what else we could capture in reverse, competing with the impending doom of rush hour and school being out for the day.

Stalling for a Moment

We stopped to wrap things up, get a few more shots and head on our way.

And that’s our destination for today, back where we started our ride around the subway for the day. Don’t forget to go check out more of Nina’s work below, and stay tuned for more of this subway series, as we come up with concepts to create down underground.

Model: Nina Negron
Apparel Featured: Thrift shop finds from Buffalo Exchange & Avalon Exchange

The subway's got me like...

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