Getting Down in Chinatown

It was 9 pm on a chilly spring night. Kayleigh and I began our walk through Chinatown.

The streets were silent, except for a few stragglers cleaning and closing down for the night, and some night owls out on the prowl for foot rubs and massages, or that’s what the signs would indicate, I don’t really need to know.

There’s no better place to explore at night if you’re looking to enjoy the delicious aromas of garbage juice, old food, and find that every surface you encounter is sticky and gross.

It was the perfect mixture of grunge and lighting, something we both had an interest in capturing.

As we wandered through the winding streets, we approached every corner, small entryway or stairwell looking for the glow of colorful lighting to capture the perfect tones.

From pulsing neon massage signs…

To the beautiful reddish pink glow caressing her skin…

And even some ConEd crews in the distance doing street work, with their blinking yellow lights and stray headlight beams acting as the perfect bounce for the narrow streets.

We managed to find some really cool shots in a small radius. But, the real champion of the night was Kayleigh. She put together three great outfits that completely nailed the look for a dark night out in this part of town.

While we would have been better off without narrowly avoiding garbage juice, fighting wind and maybe adding 20 degrees to the temperature, she still made it safely through the shoot.

We covered a lot of ground running around in circles through Chinatown to find unique lighting and interesting shots… and to change outfits.

Overall, I’m really thrilled with the results and look forward to my next shoot with Kayleigh.

If you’re looking to shoot with her, you can find her through her website.

And remember, only you can prevent scurvy… so eat those lemons.

Editor-In-Chief, Photographer & Video Editor

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