Golden Days: Lady Sly is a Natural

Stay Golden

Back in March, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day in a friend’s loft photographing a variety of strong, confident women. As a self-taught natural light photographer, I find that shooting indoors can be a bit of challenge for me unless I have sufficient space. However, small spaces have never held us back from creating beautiful work, and I couldn’t resist the beautiful, warm afternoon light that was shining in through the windows.

Her first look was a two-piece lace set. Since this was my first time shooting boudoir, I prepared my camera and let Sam do her thing.

female model in lingerie

What a natural in front of a camera! With barely any direction, she transitioned smoothly and quickly between poses. She was an expert at sultry looks, too.

Bodies are a form of art.

Sam is incredibly comfortable and confident in her skin and loves showing off her tattoos. She’s also a huge fan of anything vintage, so she brought a gorgeous vintage robe along.

There was even a Vintage Playboy out, so Sam had to take a look at that.

Her next look was a simple but sexy black mesh set. She was so excited about it, and it really flattered her figure. Of course, since there were some vintage cameras nearby, we had to include those.

Playing with Film

Since we had an older film camera with us, we decided to really do it the old school way and do some film shots too. How could we not?

With a roll of Kodak Gold and a Canon SLR, we captured moments in their most raw, real form.

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Model: Sam Tringali
Makeup Artist: Tori Surowiec
CreditsEmily Crombez

Photographer & Curator

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