Neon At Night with Sofya

The nights in NYC are magical. Arguably, it’s a magical city at any hour, but the night brings out a whole new level of beauty, in its many forms. It’s also a time for the weird and unique to emerge from the depths without the fear of the strong sunlight displaying all of its secrets.

From hidden alleys to backdoor kitchens, it’s a great time to explore, capture and maybe even relax.

Sofya and I went on a quick journey through the dark streets in Chinatown and the Lower East Side on one cold night in February shortly after NYC Fashion week had wrapped up.

Sofya stepped into the New York modeling scene with one foot already in the door, and the other one quickly followed. Much like our fast walk through Chinatown, we hit the ground running and wandered through dark winding streets to find cool neon lights.

Though, surprisingly, it was more challenging than planned. It seems as though most stores are turning off lights to save money at night. However, this adds to the calm that comes over a typically overly noisy and crowded neighborhood.

It’s no surprise, our real mission was to find the best foot rubs and back massages that the city had to offer. After having lots of luck, we couldn’t legitimately review any of them, but I’m sure Yelp has some honest reviews and racist remarks about happy endings, if that’s your thing.

I guess you take the good with the bad. Everybody needs a little stress relief now and then.

One thing I love about exploring New York City with a non-native New Yorker is that the excitement never ends.

For someone cynical and sardonic like me, who is utterly numb to it all, it’s entertaining to see the expressions of pleasure when finding something new and unusual in the city that never sleeps. Maybe I just enjoy seeing others happy. Who knows.

We found some great stuff, and I really enjoyed creating this little story with Sofya. I think it’s something worth trying again in better weather. At least we got to see what creatures of the night were stirring, or Wok-ing around in Chinatown.

Until the next adventure…

Editor-In-Chief, Photographer & Video Editor

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