Edgy with Olivia

I met Olivia of New York Model Management last year when we connected to shoot in some abandoned bunkers.

It was something we were both looking to do, and so when spring returned this year we set off to create something in a similar direction, but slightly different. A variety of random outfits in some urban decay.

We jumped onto the ferry and set sail for high seas, in search of whatever we could find. This was super casual and without any real planned destinations or shots, we didn’t really know what we’d find. I’m always up for on the spot inspiration by exploring a new location.

As a professional dancer in training and someone experienced in performance, she likes to utilize her flexibility and appearance to ooze moody looks with every shot; And she does a great job at that.

Working with dancers is always one of my favorite experiences, the extra flexibility, body confidence and interest in performing helps move a shoot along with little direction. It’s more about finding the right angles and lighting than anything else.

Graceful meets grunge

We changed locations and found a new outfit, something slightly more elegant for the juxtaposition of grunge meets graceful.

Sometimes, it’s extra fun to just get goofy.

Really wanted to get back there, but it was locked down.

So instead, we started walking back… but checked out one more spot on our way to the ferry for a last look. Some more edge and a splash of pink and red. I do love red!

This was another fun, casual and unique shoot. Just the kind of thing I enjoy, time permitting of course. She absolutely nailed it and we made some beautiful photos.

We jumped back on the ferry for a quick ride home… glad to have worked with her again, and looking forward to more in the future.

Model: Olivia
Agency: New York Model Management

Capezio: Black shorts, Black Dress

Forever 21: Red top, pink skirt, tan lace top

Don’t forget to smile once in a while. Life is short, enjoy it and be happy!

Editor-In-Chief, Photographer & Video Editor

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