Prettiest Flower In The Garden

Casey was back in the area for a quick trip and so we took this as an opportunity to explore some unique territory in a different season, to see what we could find. There was no theme beyond greenhouse, a dress, and maybe some underwear, but we realized that this resulted in an almost fairytale-esque feeling so we embraced that and made some magic.

Making the great escape

Through the crumbling castle garden, she escaped and ran through the fields and tunnels of decaying forest lost to the power of time.

She was now free from the spell cast upon her by the evil troll behind the camera.

… and free to shed her rags and embrace the warmth of freedom while basking in the setting sun.

After a relaxing stroll through the castle grounds, we returned to civilization and the bustling metropolis.

Model: Casey Marie Ecker

And that's a wrap (as said in person) LITERALLY!

Editor-In-Chief, Photographer & Video Editor

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