Scoping Out Shade

And out of nowhere, it turned into a hot and humid summer spring day, with a high of 90 degrees. Far from ideal for shooting anything involving clothing. So we tried to keep cool and scoped out some shade to keep the sweat at a minimum. Morgan, represented by EMG Models joined me in the park as we explored for some refreshing backdrops to create this natural but edgy story.

After a few minutes of chatting, we just jumped right into this flowery bush and set up shop.

Good Vibrations, New Locations

After sweating it up in a sunny floral setting we decided to venture on with a new look in a different place.

A quick stop for a bodysuit on this rock, which wasn’t as refreshing as expected — but hey, at least she looked bad-ass.

And with that, it was on to peep some birds in their “natural habitat,” starting with the most beautiful creature in the forest.

Before it was time to double back around the park and head home, we grabbed just a few more quick shots in a new look.

New York, New York, it’s a heck of a town. What a wonderful place to be, so many awesome people in such a small space. Now, if only I could continue to find incredibly talented and fun people like Morgan to work with…

Model: Morgan Glenn
Agency: EMG Models

A smile is worth a thousand words.

Editor-In-Chief, Photographer & Video Editor

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