Sofya Getting Stylish

Sofya and I have shot together a number of times, and we had been trying to plan something again for awhile but the weather wasn’t cooperating, schedules conflicted, etc.

We finally managed to make it happen. She had a collection of clothing from a designer and was looking to capture a few lifestyle shots to represent them. We sort of spontaneously found a location and just jumped right into shooting.

For outfit number two, we had this long coat to try and capture… which was way more fun to work with, and fitting for the cloudy sky.

As always we mananged to fit in a few giggles and laughs.

This was yet another casual and fun shoot that we managed to pull together on a strangely unseasonable day. Also, Sofya got signed as a result of these photos, so be sure to book her if you’re looking for someone with her style and aesthetic.

Model: Sofya

Editor-In-Chief, Photographer & Video Editor

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