Studio Daze: Kickin’ It

When winter hits in New York, you lose so much photography potential. With such a cool city, it’s a shame that the only way to work involves expensive location rentals. Now that winter is apparently 6 months long and we don’t have other seasons, there’s really no alternative.

Olivia and I got together to capture some makeup-free digitals for her agency work, but we also had a few minutes to shoot some more creative shots in a silk nightgown, which worked really well with the colors in the studio, and natural light from the cold depressing weather outside.

This is probably the start of an ongoing series called Studio Daze… so be sure to check back for edgy/moody indoor stuff during the winter months.

Natural is beautiful; Really love the way her beauty was so easily captured with such a simple setup.

Diving onto the sofa. Enough with the digitals, time for some moody fun! I guess at this point it looks like a borderline boudoir shoot, and that’s cool. Should probably expand into that going forward.

Down to the ground, as moody as we could get with the time we had left. I think the clock said 5 minutes…

So there we go, a quick and simple, no makeup shoot to close out the gloom of January. Olivia was awesome as always, if you couldn’t tell from the previous shoots I’ve done with her, it’s always a great day.

Model: Olivia Anne
Agency: New York Model Management

Editor-In-Chief, Photographer & Video Editor

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